All About Sword Art Online Information

Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime TV series based on the Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. This anime is released in summer 2012 and told about the most advanced game online called Virtual Reality, when we use this device, we can plunge into this game just like in reality. Just say, “link start” the device will active and you will be brought to the another world.

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online cover

The creator of the game made a terror when he removed the log out button. The players are trapped inside the game and must complete the 100 floor if they want to get out of the game with a huge risk, if they die in the game, they will also die in the real world.

Sword Art Online season 1 is only 25 episodes with two arcs. The first one is Aincrad arc, and after that the main character Kirito went to the fairy world game called Alfheim Online in Fairy Dance arc. This anime is rated for teens 13 or older.

I can’t speak Japanese, but thanks to the DVD and Blu ray which include the English subs, so I can follow the story well. Sword Art Online anime has become my most favorite anime in summer 2012, and sits in 4th position on Anime Bibly version in best anime summer 2012 category. Sword Art Online also released several games adaptation for many platforms, including PS3 to PSP and you can play the game if you have the devices. But, the video game itself has different story than the original one, still entertaining though. But it’s pity that SAO doesn’t have game in online version till you must wait the real VR that will release in several years from now.

But I heard the VR is being developed, and I am sure we will see the VR in real life soon. So, can sword art online be real? Yes, it can.

But I can give you an option! You can find game online that similar to Sword Art Online, like Dragon Nest, Echo of Soul, Tera, Mobinagi or Wizardry Online.

Sword Art OnlineYou also can buy Sword Art Online game in Anime Bibly marketplace, I personally bought in that place. There are also DVD and Blu ray so you can watch SAO in legal way instead watching it online illegally. The Sword Art Online season 1 is divided into 4 part in blu ray, the price is high, but it’s worth to buy. There’s no complete or full series. In that marketplace, you also will find light novel in English version officially released so you can read the novel in physical book series.

So, if you ask “where can I buy Sword Art Online”, I will recommend you to visit Anime Bibly and go to the marketplace to find everything you want related to it. So, you can get or order anything you want there. The collection isn’t so much, but for games, DVD, blu ray, cosplay costume and accessories, you will find them there.

You can also find another information regarding to SAO on its official website here. But you need to know Japanese since the site is full in Japanese. I found that Sword Art Online movie titled Ordinal Scale will be released soon.

Sword Art Online Characters

Sword Art Online has too many girls characters. The main male character is Kirito with supporting character Klein, and the rest is full with girls including Asuna, Lisbeth, Suguha, Keiko (Silica), and others.

Sword Art Online

Kirito and Asuna is a lover, they are great swordsman in that game. I can see them like a perfect couple. Each of them has great skill, like Kirito with his dual sword skill and Asuna with his speed attack. The sword names are Elucidator (right handed sword) and Dark Repulser (left handed sword) own by Kirito, and also rapier named Lambent Light own by Asuna.

My Opinion About Sword Art Online

I love Sword Art Online so much, starting from story, characters, and another things related to it. I even change my wallpaper to Sword Art Online in my phone, the animation is great. The show is fantastic and brilliant, even a little naive I still love it. In my free time, I always drawing the art and sometimes seek an inspiration by seeing Sword Art Online fan art in several site, such as DeviantArt.

Sword Art Online

Someone asked me like “will there be more sword art online?”, I answered, yes it will. SAO has so many light novel series and arcs, which means the story is not over yet.

Sword Art Online Spoiler

This spoiler will talk about all episodes of Sword Art Online. If you don’t want to ruin your happiness, don’t read this section and just watch the anime instead.

Sword Art Online

In episode 1, the anime told the information about Virtual Reality and how the players were trapped inside the game. The creator Kayaba Akihiko made an announcement that people can’t log out until they finished the game. There are 100 floors with powerful boss waiting for them. The players need to beat the boss to clear each floor with a risk, if they die in game, they will also die in real life.

In episode 2, you will see the first battle between human and boss monster. Kirito made his party for the first time along with another raid party member led by Diabel. The leader Diabel found the first boss area and they went to clear the first floor by killing the boss. But, Diabel loss his life because of his own greedy and Kirito was blamed for this. From that time, Kirito is called as beater, Beta tester and cheater.

In episode 3 just like a filler. Kirito joined a guild called Moonlit Black Cats. Kirito was pretending as a low level player, but his lie led to the tragedy. All his fellow guild members were died by monsters. The Guild Master who can’t accept the reality, was committing suicide by jumping from a height, from Aincrad to the nowhere. From that event, Kirito blamed himself throughout his life.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online has a little fight scene, but once it comes to that scene, it’s so epic. Like first battle against Illfang the Kobold Lord and the last fight between Kirito and Heathcliff.

In several episodes of Alfheim Online arc, I found that this anime becomes a little boring, the fight scene is not too epic. Maybe only one scene when Kirito fights againts Salamander general Eugene that shows great fight!

The final battle in SAO season 1 is occur in both arcs. In Aincrad Kirito fights against Heathcliff, and in Alfheim Kirito fights against Sugou. The second one is not too epic since Sugou is not a fighter, he just and old dude who want to mary Asuna.

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